Monday, March 19, 2012


So it's been a busy few weeks and I have good news and a lot of updates!  First of all, I'm transporting this blog over to the WordPress platform.  Now that we've surpassed 1K views I feel it'd be beneficial to upgrade to a more professional blogging platform.  I've already exported all of the posts in this blog to the new one.  The new URL is  In addition to being more professional, WordPress is more customizable and has a lot of great tools for website integration, which is something I'll talk more about next.

Secondly!  Last November I decided to buy a domain for a robotics themed website.  To learn everything I know about robotics I've had to search all over the Internet and piece together many web articles to gain a better understanding of what I'm trying to do.  So instead of all robot hobbyists having to reinvent the wheel as I did, I've decided to create a website that is a wiki with all the articles you'd ever need to be a hobby roboticist.  I've also added sections for robot news, other interesting robotics themed articles, and my own personal blog.  The website URL is so head on over and take a look, and if you're a robot enthusiast like me, join the forums and feel free to contribute some articles to the wiki!

And lastly, the robot is looking good!  I finally gave up on attempting to design a motor controller PCB from scratch, at least for now, and bought the Dagu Wild Thumper Motor Controller.  This board is beautiful!  It has a serial interface, an onboard microcontroller, pins for adding servos, and is able to handle 15 Amps per channel which should be enough for the robot.

So thank you for following my blog here at Google.  If you've enjoyed my posting please follow me at my new WordPress site, or if you're just joining in, head on over to see all the new updates to the robot!  The microcontroller write up will be up within the week!