Monday, January 17, 2011

From the Ground Up

For starters on this project, let me show just what I'm starting out with.  Here are pictures of the Jeep in its current condition:

Here's the back axle of the jeep with the two presumably working motors and some sort of switch used to change gears.

This is the bar on the back of Jeep with two fake lights that I found impossible to get back on.  This bar looks like a really good place to add sensors such as sonic distance sensors or even stereoscopic vision!

This is the back of the Jeep.  The two things coming out of it are the seatbelts.  Safety first!

Here are the two 6V 9Ah batteries that came with the jeep.  They're very very old and even though I had hoped they still worked, they turned out to be duds.  As shown on the multimeter, they only display 2.8V after days of attempted charging.

The scary caution sticker!  It says here the Jeep is made to carry 130 lbs.  This gives me an upper limit to work with on everything I'll be adding, though I can't imagine everything will weigh over 50 lbs.

The inner dashboard of the car.

The front view of the Jeep.  Gotta love those flames!!!

The jeep with the trunk popped.  This is where the batteries were housed.  You can see the connector used to hook them up.

A side view of the car.  I wonder if I should add doors.

And finally the front steering system for the car.  The steering wheel is attached to that metal hook which in turn moves the long metal plate and steers the wheels.

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