Monday, January 17, 2011

Laying Down the Data

So just the other day, I was fortunate enough to receive a Power Wheels Jeep from my good friend, Ian.  Being the avid robotics fan that I am, I have since decided that I am going to use this Jeep as a robotics platform that I can build upon to form a fully functioning, autonomous vehicle.  I have named this project rUD2, a play off of R2D2, and after the University of Delaware which I am currently attending as a Computer Engineering and Computer Science sophomore.  I plan on using the robot to represent the ECE Department in the hope that I might get some funding from them.

My goals for this project include the following:

  1. To write this blog as a helpful tutorial for beginner through advanced roboticists interested in medium scale mobile robotics
  2. Use this robot as a platform for experimental technologies including non-lethal self defense, computer vision, gps tracking, self charging, artificial intelligence, full automation, and general bad-assery
  3. Develop the project to the point where it becomes a University backed robotics project that students who have a passion for robotics can participate in

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